dask.array.arange(*args, chunks='auto', like=None, dtype=None, **kwargs)[source]

Return evenly spaced values from start to stop with step size step.

The values are half-open [start, stop), so including start and excluding stop. This is basically the same as python’s range function but for dask arrays.

When using a non-integer step, such as 0.1, the results will often not be consistent. It is better to use linspace for these cases.

startint, optional

The starting value of the sequence. The default is 0.


The end of the interval, this value is excluded from the interval.

stepint, optional

The spacing between the values. The default is 1 when not specified. The last value of the sequence.


The number of samples on each block. Note that the last block will have fewer samples if len(array) % chunks != 0. Defaults to “auto” which will automatically determine chunk sizes.


Output dtype. Omit to infer it from start, stop, step Defaults to None.

likearray type or None

Array to extract meta from. Defaults to None.

samplesdask array