Install Dask

You can install dask with conda, with pip, or by installing from source.



Dask is installed by default in Anaconda:

You can update Dask using the conda command:

conda install dask

This installs Dask and all common dependencies, including Pandas and NumPy.

Dask packages are maintained both on the default channel and on conda-forge.

Optionally, you can obtain a minimal dask installation using the following command:

conda install dask-core

This will install a minimal set of dependencies required to run dask, similar to (but not exactly the same as) pip install dask below.


To install Dask with pip there are a few options, depending on which dependencies you would like to keep up to date:

  • pip install dask[complete]: Install everything
  • pip install dask[array]: Install dask and numpy
  • pip install dask[bag]: Install dask and cloudpickle
  • pip install dask[dataframe]: Install dask, numpy, and pandas
  • pip install dask: Install only dask, which depends only on the standard library. This is appropriate if you only want the task schedulers.

We do this so that users of the lightweight core dask scheduler aren’t required to download the more exotic dependencies of the collections (numpy, pandas, etc..)

Install from Source

To install dask from source, clone the repository from github:

git clone
cd dask
python install

or use pip locally if you want to install all dependencies as well:

pip install -e .[complete]

You can view the list of all dependencies within the extras_require field of


Test dask with py.test:

cd dask
py.test dask

Although please aware that installing dask naively may not install all requirements by default. Please read the pip section above that discusses requirements. You may choose to install the dask[complete] which includes all dependencies for all collections. Alternatively you may choose to test only certain submodules depending on the libraries within your environment. For example to test only dask core and dask array we would run tests as follows:

py.test dask/tests dask/array/tests